Staff Achievements

Manager of the Year

Awarded to the store manager who demonstrates a combination of technical skill, leadership, and responsibility while maintaining a high customer approval rating.

Founder’s Award

To the Honor of Maurice & Trudy Klinke

Awarded to the employee who best exemplifies our founders’ grit, work ethic and positive attitude in their dedication to satisfying the customer.

Iron Award

Awarded to the store that wins our annual Steamed Contest. The winning staff of this award has consistently achieved high levels of quality and customer service throughout the year.

1992-2022 Winners

Manager of the Year Founder’s Award Iron Award
2022 Alfonso Ruiz Liliana Carrillo Verona
2021 No Winner Due to Covid19 Ana Salgado No Winner Due to Covid19
2020 No Winner Due to Covid19 Guadalupe Torres No Winner Due to Covid19
2019 Summer Henderson Silvia Gomez Verona
2018 Alfonso Ruiz Tim Carpenter Brookfield
2017 Alfonso Ruiz Diane Wiggen Park Street
2016 Debbie Turk Jenni Boldon Old Sauk
2015 Clif McHenry Robin Zintz Old Sauk
2014 Clif McHenry Margy Martin Monona
2013 Barb Wallace Ricky Wells Monona
2012 April Kumlien Sandi Dzkowich Menomonee Falls
2011 Barb Wallace Leslea Lechten Gammon
2010 Lesa Olson April Kumlien Brookfield
2009 Marion Adams Mike Droster Brookfield
2008 Lesa Olson Michell Knight Stoughton
2007 Lesa Olson Carla Kempka Park Street
2006 Barb Wallace Amy Kerns Campus
2005 Maria Perez Marion Adams Park Street
2004 Barb Wallace Bob Neupert Westgate
2003 Barb Wallace Steve Christens Fitchburg
2002 Barb Wallace Shawn Young
2001 Barb Wallace Jane Magana
2000 Andy Crissinger Barb Wallace
1999 Barb Wallace Lesa Olson
1998 Marion Adams Karen Strittmatter
1997 Jennie Owens Debbie Turk
1996 Bill Lange Mike Paulus
1995 Nicole Smith Jack Stone
1994 Bill Lange Brenda Beckon
1993 Barb Wallace Toni Kuhse
1992 Betty Sime