In Verona, Wisconsin on Verona Ave a block east of the Verona Ave and Main St intersection, Klinke Cleaners offers convenient and quality dry cleaning and shirt laundry services.


202 E. Verona Ave.
Verona, WI 53593
Ph: (608) 234 – 5111


OPEN 24/7

Attendant Hours*:
M – F: 7am – 3pm
*the attendant will not be on-site in order to transport clothes to and from the cleaning facility typically between 8am – 9:30am and 1pm – 2:30pm (winter conditions or traffic might affect these time ranges)

Cleaning Service:

Same Day Service
Mon – Fri: In by 8am, ready same day by 5pm
Orders after 8am on Friday will be ready on Monday by 5pm

Curbside Service:

Curbside Service How-to:

  1. Park in the marked curbside spot.
  2. Verify the neon curbside sign is turned on. This signifies that curbside pickup is available.
  3. Text “drop” or “pickup” to 608-234-5111
  4. Wait in your car, we’ll be right out!

Additional Locations

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