Wash n Fold Laundry Service

Wash n Fold is only available through our FREE Pick Up & Delivery Service in areas of Dane County.

If you are a busy parent, a busy professional or if you just hate doing laundry- we’ve got the service for you!

Our Wash n Fold service is the ultimate in convenience and time-saving.

Our delivery team will pick up your laundry and do all the dirty work for you.

You’ll get all of your laundry back cleaned, dried, folded, and plastic wrapped to preserve the folding and guard against any dust or grime until you’re ready to unpack and put away your clothes.

If you want to use our Wash n Fold service on demand, our Standard Rate is $2.75 per pound.

However, if you want to purchase a monthly subscription, the rate can be as low as $1.75 per pound. See subscription options below.*

*Price does not include sales tax. Please note all laundry bags have a 10 pound minimum per bag.

Family Plan

$157.50/month includes 90lbs ($1.50/pound)

Couples Plan

$120/month includes 60lbs ($1.75/pound)

Individual Plan

$67.50/month includes 30lbs ($2.00/pound)

Family Plan

$157.50/month includes 90lbs ($1.75/pound)

Couples Plan

$120/month includes 60lbs ($2.00/pound)

Individual Plan

$67.50/month includes 30lbs ($2.25/pound)

How to Sign Up for Wash n Fold

Wash n Fold service is part of our delivery service so you only need to sign up for our Klinke Cleaners FREE delivery service to start using Wash n Fold. We will delivery your Wash n Fold bag to your door after you sign up for delivery.

Steps to Sign Up for a Wash n Fold Subscription

Follow these steps if you want to save money by purchasing a subscription to our Wash n Fold service:

1. Sign up for our Klinke Cleaners FREE delivery service

2. Either log into your Klinke Cleaners online account or log into your account via our mobile app, then click on “subscription plans”

3. Choose your subscription and choose the credit card you’d like to use

4. You will receive a welcome email and welcome phone call soon

*All subscriptions will be automatically renewed each month unless you cancel prior to your renewal date (See FAQ below)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a subscription?

Goto www.klinkecleaners.com/delivery. Click on sign up today. Login or create an account if you don’t have an account already. Put in your information and credit card. If you are not signing up for a Wash n Fold subscription, then hit save and you are all set! A welcome email, phone call and your bags will be delivered to your door on the next day we are in your area. If you would like to sign up for a Wash n Fold subscription, then click on the “subscription plans” tab and follow the instructions.

Which plan is right for me?

Most individuals typically use about 30 lbs a month. For 2 people about 60 lbs/month. More than 2 in your household then the Family Plan is right for you. If the plan you initially selected does not suit your needs, you can change your plan at any time. The new plan will take effect as soon as your current plan expires.

What detergent do you use?

You choose scented or unscented! It is up to what you like!

How do I switch plans?

Once your subscription plan is used, you can login to your Klinke Cleaner account before your subscription auto renews and change to a new subscription plan.

Is there a minimum order size?

*10 pound minimum per bag. Klinke Cleaners has a 10 pound minimum per bag. It is fine to send in less but we will charge for 10 pounds or deduct 10 pounds from your subscription plan.

What happens if I go over the pounds in my plan?

No problem. Should your usage exceed the amount of pounds included in your plan, you will be charged the Standard Rate per pound (see pricing above) over your subscription allotted pounds.

How long is the subscription plan for?

The laundry plan is month to month and will automatically renew on the renewal date each month unless you cancel online  prior to renewal day. To cancel, email us at  delivery@klinkecleaners.com.

Can I combine my laundry plan with other discounts?
Sorry but our laundry plans are such a great deal that they may not be combined with other offers.
How about special items such as comforters, pillows, shoes, winter coats, or leather items?

We are more than happy to process these items however, they will go through our dry clean department and be charged appropriately.

Are dry cleaning and laundered shirts included?

These plans and pricing are only for wash n fold orders. Dry cleaning and laundered shirts are charged per piece as part of our dry cleaning process and should be in your pink dry cleaning bag.

How do I get a refund?

Sorry but nor refunds will be issued for partially or completely unused laundry plans. To cancel your subscription please email us at delivery@klinkecleaners.com.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel delivery service by emailing delivery@klinkecleaners.com. Please note that no refunds will be given on subscription plans if you cancel your subscription before you use it up.

Please note, if you choose to “suspend” your delivery service in your account, this will not cancel your laundry subscription. Suspending your service only stops the text and email reminders when we are in your area. If you do not need our Wash n Fold laundry service for a month or longer then you will need to cancel the subscription and then sign back up when you are ready to resume the service.

Where can I get a new preferences form? My preferences have changed.

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